Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, Gluten Free Menu in St. Louis

So last Friday, I finally had my blood tests done for Celiac disease and after a grueling week of eating lots of gluten before my tests were done I was ready to start the gluten free diet.  Rob and I hopped on the internet and starting searching for restaurants in St. Louis that are gluten free.  We usually eat at El Maguey for Mexican food, because I love it (I'm on the mayor on four square) and it is conveniently close to our house.  So we called them, since they were on a gluten free list, and asked if they had gluten free items on the menu and they said that I could just  substitute corn tortillas instead of flour, so that didn't make me quite happy.  So since the one in Chesterfield Valley was the one actually listed to be gluten free, I decided to call them.  I think the guy on the phone thought I was asking if they had any free food....  He was like "OH NO NO NO."

So Rob and I continue on our quest to find a restaurant.  We found Hacienda Mexican Restaurant, went to their website and they have an entire Gluten Free Menu!!! So even though it is in Rock Hill and a bit further away we decided to try it out.  I am so happy we did!

This could have been the best ways to start off the gluten free diet.  Hacienda's house margaritas are made by hand, so no worries about any mixes containing gluten.  They are excellent by the way.   The Hacienda house chips are also corn tortillas and the salsa contains no gluten.  Hacienda brought out an entire menu just for those who are gluten free, which had more items on it than the website.  It stated that Hacienda tries its best not to cross contaminate its items and that the house chips are made in a dedicated fryer.  Awesome!

We tried the Spinach Queso Blanco for our appetizer and OH MY was it so good!  Then for dinner I tried the Roasted Fish Tacos and they were yummy.  After a couple of Margaritas and all this food, I told Rob that this was a great experience, because I did not feel cheated on my meal.  These were items I would have normally ordered if it were not for the gluten free diet.  I also had leftovers to take home for the next day.

Overall, I highly highly recommend Hacienda Mexican Restaurant for anyone on the gluten free diet!  We will definitely go back!

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